Canoe Tours

Canoe tours on the rivers and lakes of wetland area Emajõe-Suursoo

We can offer different canoe tours:
day tours (min age 7 years)
overnight tours (min age 13 years)

Canoe tours will take place from April until October. The best way is just to ask an offer for the tour. Please give us the basic information:

– date of your tour
– total number of participants
– number of children at age 7-12 years

Please send the request by e-mail to address:
We will answer a.s.a.p.

Important to know

  • Please follow the rules and instructions you have been given before the beginning of the tour
  • Minimum participating age 7 years (day tours) or 13 years (overnight tours)
  • the tour is 100% at your own risk
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