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Nature Tours Estonia invite you to take part in different tours and enjoy our unique wilderness.

Wetland area Emajõe-Suursoo is located in Peipsiveere Nature Reserve, easten part of Estonia. This place is as a well-hidden secret even for many estonians. Here is no mass tourism, deforestation or roads with deep tracks made by heavy machines. One of the greatest value of the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve is species diversity. This area belongs to both Ramsar and Natura bird and nature areas. The quiet rivers, lakes and bogislands are home for many birds and mammals, including many protected species.

Nature Tours Estonia offers year round tours in Peipsiveere Nature Reserv. In colder season we offer sleddogtours. In summertime you can discover our unique wetland and bog areas by canoeing, hiking or foraging.

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Heinrich is very experienced in outdoor living. He is a long distance musher and year-round hiker. He has more than 40 years of hiking experience.

Heinrich has been very closely connected with nature since early childhood and existing with nature is a part of his lifestyle. He got his master’s degree in Natural Sciences (Management of Natural Resources) and worked for State Nature Conservation Centre of Estonia. He is also experienced and awarded nature photographer. Nowadays he is focused on raising sleddogs and offering nature tours in one of the wildest parts of Estonia.

Kristina has always been very interested in nature. It has fascinated her since she was a child. She knows plants and animals of our area very well and spends almost all her free time  in forests or bogs. Kristina’s favorite pastime is foraging for mushrooms, berries and herbs and preparing them for the winter period.

Kristina has studied nature tour  management at Luua Forestry School. She has many great stories to tell about animals, places, people and life in general. She is well liked by children and she easily finds a common language with them. Kristina works as a guide for canoe tours and foraging trips.

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