A night trip in the mysterious wetland area

Jun, 2020

Wetland area Emajõe-Suursoo, located in the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve, is as a well-hidden secret. There is no mass tourism, campfire places with garbage, deforestation or roads with deep tracks made by heavy machines. The quiet rivers and lakes here are home for many birds and animals, including many protected species. One of the greatest value of the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve is species diversity. That’s the reason why this area belongs to both Ramsar and Natura bird and nature areas.

In June, the nights are the shortest and the darkness lasts only a few hours a day. That is a good time to go out to the mixed tour. A night trip in the bog offers the most exciting part of the day for hikers. First we glide along the rivers by canoes and then we hike on the bog islands. These are inaccessible and magically beautiful secret places, where the human foot is seldom lost. We see traces of the actions of many local inhabitants here and by moving quietly we can also meet them. After a couple of hours of rest we continue our walk across the bog and bog islands at dawn and will end the hiking experience again by canoeing on the rivers in the early morning.